An Open Letter, A Millennial Coach

Do you remember the moment you fell in love with your favorite team? 

I do, and it was in times of tragedy. So let's take it back. 


I was sitting in my 4th-grade classroom with the shades pulled down on the east side of the school and non-stop announcements calling my classmates one by one to get picked up: one word - pandemonium. A bright morning that seemed routine turned into a cloud of dark dust, loud sirens, and streets full of horror.


Every generation has its tragedies. For millennials, September 11, 2001, was one of ours. Some of us were so young that we didn't grasp what was happening, but we knew something was wrong. Meanwhile, others witnessed this tragedy sitting at a desk in their classrooms. As we've grown throughout high school, college, and beyond, opening history books and seeing the twin towers still leaves a stain on our hearts that will never be washed out. 


9/11/2001 was a day that stole a piece of our innocence. I always wondered how and what mental traumas some of us took on our life journey because of this tragedy, how it impacted how we spoke, how we loved, how we operate in different spaces. 


Sports x Unity

One of the reasons I love the New York Yankees so much is that during this time, they were the ones who brought the city together, my city, the great city of New York. We proved that we could be there for each other through the hurt, the tears, the non-stop chaos. Those three baseball games in the Bronx were exactly what the city needed - unity. 


We Remember

Every year on this day, September 11 - we remember. 

Our heart goes out to you to all of those who lost their fathers, mothers, friends, grandparents, and siblings. Not only on this day but every day. 


To those we lost, we remember your laugh, smile, joy, warmth, and sacrifice. 


Never Forget.

Founder of The Conscious Narrative | My Twenty Four 


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