From Athletes to Creators | Douglas Smallwood and Michael Fletcher

If you haven't heard of Waffle ( no, not the delicious breakfast), the platform connecting athletes and fans, stay tuned.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Waffle co-founders Douglas Smallwood and Michael Fletcher. Two people who were athletes and weren't afraid to tap into their creative genes. 

To give a little background, Douglas, CEO of Waffle, is a former athlete now creative who has worked with notable artists and brands across several industries showcasing his high-level photography skills. Michael, CMO of Waffle, who for a while has had an eye for graphic designs. Michael worked on various projects with brands we love daily and now transferring his creativity into the tech space. Drawing inspiration from each other and tapping into their ability to create unique products and experiences, they joined together to shift the way athletes and fans connect. 


Throughout the episode, they both dropped valuable information across various topics such as athletes building a brand, building a business with someone, and solid everyday advice, that's to name a few. 

 Here are three highlights from the interview:

Athletes should own their content

The significant benefit of Waffle is its an opportunity to build a brand for former, current, and future athletes. This platform shines a light on the importance of documenting your story. Athletes have the opportunity to share having a front-row seat. From high school to professionals, athletes can document their story in a way that's unique to them…. And own their content. 


Building a business with someone is like being a part of a sports team. 

Can we all agree that athletes having teamwork is beneficial for the overall team? Sure, we can. When thinking about what skills transfer from sport to life, teamwork is top of the list. Michael and Douglas talk about working on their new venture together. They both agreed that they play their role in the company and stay in their lane, and critical traits such as discipline, accountability, and time management help with that. All play an essential part in business creation and growth. 


"Don't listen to people." - Michael Fletcher

Ok, ok, there’s a little more to it. Michael explains to be in the space where people who can help you will. He says, "You can't win the race if you're not in the space." Get where the people who are doing what you want to do are. This advice is a significant takeaway for our athletes, especially regarding society placing them in a box that says, "You're only an athlete." However, athletes surrounding themselves with, let's say, former athletes in tech or former athletes now in business school gives different perspectives and opportunities. Connect with those who went against the status quo and gain some direction! 


These are just a few highlights. Click Here to listen to the full episode! 


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