Overcome to Become

“Life Hits Everybody!” - Inky Johnson

When you accept the things you cannot change and alter the things that you can, you begin to manifest something that was already in you. Inky Johnson did just this in his iconic comeback after a life changing injury. He didn’t quit or stay down, instead, he reinvented himself and inspires others everyday. Inky Johnson embodies the meaning of facing adversity and turning pain into purpose.

One line that resonates, simple but clear cut, is “life hits everybody”. Sometimes life hands you situations that are out of your control. Reality is, you can’t avoid obstacles. Even if you go through life trying to avoid failing or being hurt, it’s going to come and the more you try to avoid the pain, the longer it will take for you to graduate to the next level.

Maybe you got injured or experienced a great loss? Lost your eligibility to play or lost your starting spot your senior year? Your reactions to these unfavorable moments determine which road you take going forward. Whatever it is, Inky constantly preaches to not let those circumstances result in you quitting on yourself.

What will you do when it is your turn ? Will you fold or will you preserver? There are times that will truly test our mental strength. In the end, it is all about having that Mamba Mentality. Just remember, adversity builds character and clarifies purpose. 

If you have not heard the powerful words of Inky, here is a glimpse - you won’t regret it! He give a clear message that with every great defeat comes great achievement. 

When things don’t seem so pleasant, still remain faithful about the end result as it will unleash a new set of opportunities. 

Question For You! 

What challenging situations have you overcome and how has it changed you?

- MY24

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