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The Foundation | 30-Day Prep

This course tackles the on-going identity crises amongst student-atheltes by helping them take an internal look and answering questions, such as: how they view themselves, what are their motivations, how their environment can have a major impact on thier actions and decisions, and how far do they believe they can go. When athletes understand themselves as individuals, they are more apparent in their roles when in a team environment.

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The Foundation | 90 Day Prep

This 3-mo curriculum tackles the ongoing identity crises amongst student-athletes. First, athletes will start from ground zero and identify where they are now and how far they believe they can go. Then, they'll begin building their solid foundation with the training of crucial life skills. Finally, we'll tie it all together! Athletes walk away with the understanding that practicing personal development skills daily and pairing them with constant self-reflection will help them become better people.

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Student-Athlete Development 101 - Workshop Series

We've teamed up with Mental Game Toughness Coach, Gladine Frasso, to help student-athletes who struggle to define their vision, cannot identify what truly motivates them, and find it challenging to maintain confidence when faced with adversity.

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Student-Athlete Opportunities

  • Campus Ambassadors

    Our Conscious Ambassadors help rally the community to advocate for the mental health of student-athletes through various campaigns.

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  • Student-Athlete Virtual Internships

    Providing student-athletes with the experience to help build their skills and resume by delivering flexible, manageable internship opportunities.

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