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    To have student-athlete personal development be a required part of the structure of organized sports.

Unpopular Opinion: Student-Athletes Should Be Treated Differently

In high school and collegiate sports, an age-old debate won't quit: Should student-athletes be treated differently? It's like a good-natured tug of war, with some saying, "Fairness for all!" and others chiming in with, "Let's get personal!".

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Athletes will have a clearer vision for their athletic journey and the tools they need to achieve their goals!

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  • Student-Athlete | Emma H.

    " Awesome presentation at the WHS Symposium! I liked how it wasn't a regular presentation, we got to get up for activities."

  • Peer Leader Advisor | Ryan O.

    "Great reviews from the presentation and we will definitely keep in touch about future collaborations!"

  • Community Lead | Nicole N.

    "We are getting excellent feedback on sessions and activities! Students were engaged, learned a lot, had a lot of fun!"

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Creator Insights

The sports culture is undoubtedly electric and entertaining. But what's there when we go behind the scenes to see the good, bad, and ugly?

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