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The Conscious Narrative | My Twenty Four sets out to change how we interact with the modern-day student-athlete by opening doors of opportunity through personal development.

There is an apparent gap between personal development and athletics in high school and college sports that is vaguely filled. Yet, statistics remaining staggering as we talk about depression, anxiety, suicide, identity crises, and more floating around the sports community.

There were several eye-opening moments as we pulled the curtain back and explored the dark side of the sports culture that has been silenced and brushed under the rug. We concluded that personal development is the answer by listening to the cries of parents, coaches, teachers, and student-athletes themselves. Being able to process and react to life’s circumstances while confidently interacting in different environments produces a long-term benefit.

In recent years, even pro-athletes have spoken up about the daunting pressure and mental struggles that athletes experience. Their way of sounding the alarm alerted everyone that mental health resources should be available and accessible for all. And here at My Twenty Four, we’re starting with student-athletes.

Through workshops, journals, workbooks, and curriculums, we break down aspects of mental, emotional, and social development into digestible bites that student-athletes can understand and apply transferable skills in sport, the classroom, and life.

We pledge to develop the person behind the number. Will you?

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Impactful and flexible resources right at your fingertips


A flexible 40-minute workshop tackling 6 skills that are the foundation to student-athlete success. This workshop includes countdown timers allowing student-athletes to digest learning material and practice through a guided workbook. Decide if you'll complete it as a team exercise or assign athletes to complete it individually. Then, you press play, and we'll handle the rest.

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Train your student-athletes to include personal development in their daily routine by jump-starting them with a five-week journal. Journaling is proven to heighten academic performance, increase self-confidence, and boost emotional intelligence. We're helping student-athletes adapt a sense of gratitude, develop personal values, define a vision for themselves, and more through self-reflection. Topics such as core values, mental health, education, and long-term goals are covered through guided questions specifically designed to reflect the modern-day student-athlete.

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Workshop Series

We've teamed up with Mental Game Toughness Coach Gladine Frasso in a Live Virtual Athlete Development Series. We're helping your student-athletes who struggle to define their vision, cannot identify what truly motivates them, and find it challenging to maintain confidence when faced with adversity in and out of their sport.

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Student-athletes learn critical life skills from coaches and programs but struggle to apply skills to succeed outside of sport. So we're breaking down crucial aspects of personal development to tackle common student-athlete challenges. Through a mix of weekly virtual live Q & A's, group discussions, and self-guided lesson material, we'll address facing adversity, identifying their source of motivation, confidence building, managing academic and athletic expectations, and more. In addition, we'll be honing in on skills such as discipline, time-management, accountability, and self-talk, and training student-athletes on HOW to apply them in athletics, academics, and everyday life.

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Not quite ready for a virtual course?
We've got your student-athletes covered with a self-guided workbook that includes all the topics covered in the five-week course. Through 15+ workbook activities, student-athletes will still walk away with practical personal development lessons, tips, and tools that will assist them as they strive to achieve their athletic, academic, and life goals. For maximum impact, schedule an optional live workshop, virtual or in-person, where we'll dive into lesson material and practice through relatable real-world scenarios.

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