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My Twenty Four LLC

Build a Dream Workshop

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Student-athletes struggle to apply mental, emotional, and social skills to reach their athletic, academic, and life goals. 

Identifying their team and personal vision is excellent. But, what's going to help your student-athletes get there is training them to use their mental, emotional, and social skills daily.  

That's what your athletes will be doing in this 40-minute interactive workshop. They'll be learning about some key skills and how to apply them immediately. 

What your athlete will walk away with:

  • Heightened sense of self-awareness and action items to improve as a student-athlete
  • How to overcome challenging moments through self-talk 
  • A way to make positive decisions through identifying personal core values 
  • An understanding of how applying mental, emotional, and social skills can help them succeed as a student-athlete 



  • 40-Minute timed workshop (Includes activity countdown timers)
  • Activity workbook (Available with an option to print or electronic fill-in)
  • Student-athletes can complete individually or as a team