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The Ultimate Sacrifice of a Coach

While coaches are striving to build elite programs and student-athletes, there's always another play to be drawn up, a student-athlete who needs help, and for coaches who are also a part of classroom learning, there are lesson plans and grading. But rarely do we speak about how commitments to family vacations, dance recitals, Friday night games, spouses, and friendships commonly slip into the number two spot. 

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  • A Wake-Up Call For Athletic Programs

    With new and accessible resources to develop student-athletes' well-being, it proves having a personal development strategy can be flexible, impactful, and life-changing for the student-athletes who come through an athletic program. 


    The goal is to mold students to be great athletes and scholars while training and equipping them with life skills and the knowledge of how to apply them.  Read More

  • Are Your Expectations Hurting Your Student-Athletes?

    Fear of failure, fear of success, and fear of judgment are some fears that student-athletes may have early on in their athletic journey. However, with a hanging stigma of “athletes don’t cry,” some athletes may choose to suffer quietly. 


    This poses two questions Read More

  • 3 Major Roles in the Student-Athlete Ecosystem

    A coach holds many responsibilities linked to the primary team and program goals -leader, mentor, disciplinarian, and more. As student-athletes choose to be under the leadership of a coach, there should be clear expectations of the team and the personal responsibilities required to meet those expectations. 

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"Student-athletes can increase athletic and academic performance if coaches provide essential tools and training resources."

Athlete Training Center

Resources designed to be impactful and flexible for the modern-day student-athlete through team and self-guided trainings

  • Workshop

    A flexible 40-minute workshop tackling 6 skills that are the foundation to student-athlete success. This workshop includes countdown timers allowing student-athletes to digest learning material and practice through a guided workbook. Decide if you'll complete it as a team exercise or assign athletes to complete it individually. Then, you press play, and we'll handle the rest. GET STARTED

  • Journal

    Train your student-athletes to include personal development in their daily routine by jump-starting them with a five-week journal. Journaling is proven to heighten academic performance, increase self-confidence, and boost emotional intelligence. We're helping student-athletes adapt a sense of gratitude, develop personal values, define a vision for themselves, and more through self-reflection. Topics such as core values, mental health, education, and long-term goals are covered through guided questions specifically designed to reflect the modern-day student-athlete. GET STARTED

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